Fantasy Rules

General Rules

  • This contest is completely FREE to sign up and play. Fantasy players are limited to one team each. Any person that creates multiple teams with alternate email accounts are subject to deletion. Deletion will be decided by the administrator.
  • The 2022 Crappie Masters Fantasy Fishing League will run through the 2022 Crappie Masters National Tournament Trail schedule. There are eight (8) total national events scheduled.
  • For each National Tournament Trail event, each fantasy team will submit a “Roster” of five angler teams that are entered into that particular tournament. Fantasy points for the fantasy team will be earned based on the performance of the angler teams that the fantasy team picks (more details below).
  • Picks are due by 12:00 midnight ET on the scheduled start date of the particular tournament. There will be a reminder on the "Submit Picks" page on when these are due. The available angler teams to pick for your fantasy team may change up until the Tuesday before the event, and is dependent on those who have registered for the event.
  • You can change your roster as many times before the submission page closes. Once the “Submit Picks” page locks, you cannot change your roster. The final roster entered for each fantasy team will be the one that is used for scoring in the game.
  • Each fantasy team must submit a new roster for each National Tournament Trail event. If a fantasy team does not submit a roster, the fantasy team will score zero (0) fantasy points for that event.
  • Five angler teams must be selected for each roster, no more, no less. If a roster is submitted with more or less than five angler teams, it will be declared invalid.

Scoring & Standings

  • Each “Roster” will accumulate fantasy points in each of the eight (8) 2022 Crappie Masters National Tournament Trail events. The total of these fantasy points will equal to that team’s “Weekly Score.”
  • Angler teams will earn points based on their final finish in the particular tournament. Please see the "Quick Scoring Guide" below for the point totals.
  • If an angler team has the biggest fish of the tournament, that team will earn an additional five (5) fantasy points.
  • Angler teams will also earn fantasy points based on their total weight of fish for the entire tournament. This will equal to two (2) fantasy points per pound of fish, with decimal points possible (and likely).
  • Angler teams will earn two (2) fantasy points per fish weighed in during the tournament.
  • Any disqualification of an angler team will result in zero (0) fantasy points earned by that team.
  • Each fantasy team will earn fantasy points based on the “Scoring” rules above. All scores for each fantasy team will be added together for a cumulative total (“Standings”), which will be updated after each Crappie Masters National Tournament Trail event.
  • Each team will submit a guess for the total weight of the winning Angler Team for each tournament. This will be used in event of a tie by two or more fantasy teams for a tournament win in Fantasy Fishing. If this happens, the fantasy team closest to the actual weight of the winning Angler Team will be awarded the victory via tiebreaker.

Quick Scoring Guide

  • 2 fantasy points per pound of fish weighed in
  • 2 fantasy points for each fish weighed in
  • 5 fantasy points for Big Fish of the tournament

Fantasy Points earned for tournament finish: